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Long-term lease gives the company tangible benefits

Entrepreneur, instead of buying a car, consider long-term rent. This revolutionary solution has gained immense popularity around the world. More and more companies decide to do so also in Poland. Fingrow Consulting Group offers assistance in long-term rental of comfortable cars with a comprehensive completion of all formalities.


Using the car - although indispensable in business - involves high costs related to insurance, technical inspection or servicing. To free yourself from these fees and enjoy the comfort of car use, you should consider long-term rental instead of buying. Fingrow Consulting Group experts invite you to take advantage of this form of vehicle use. We guarantee tangible business benefits to our clients who opt for such solution. The long-term lease pays a fixed monthly amount and covers the costs of running the car (fuel). The installment remains unchanged throughout the duration of the contract.


Thanks to long-term rental:

•    You are free from high fees associated with the use of the car.
•    You gain a cost invoice, which gives you an advantage in the context of tax settlements.
•    You do not care about the technical service of the vehicle.
•    In the event of a fault, breakdown or accident, you will receive a replacement car.
•    Your company's creditworthiness remains unchanged.
•    You do not care about any formalities related to the use of the vehicle.
•    After the contract period, we give you the opportunity to exchange your car for new ones.


The cars that we offer to our clients are modern, comfortable, well equipped, prepared for the season, with full insurance OC / AC and Assistance 24/7. We offer long-term lease for both businesses and individuals. The amount of installments is always set individually.