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Currency advisory

The activities of Fingrow Consulting Group are largely based on associating clients, searching for investment opportunities and ensuring smooth entry into foreign markets. The currency risk is associated with the above business activities. We offer assistance in reducing costs as much as possible due to currency exchange.

The area of ​​our activity is not limited to the territory of the European Union. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we advise on the optimal moment of entering into currency transactions, being aware that every day or every hour is important in this matter. We are also looking for ways to reduce high transaction costs while minimizing currency risk. We place particular emphasis on reducing the currency risk resulting from imports and exports. We service foreign transactions related to trade, including commissions on contracts, purchase and sale of goods.

We undertake all of the above activities based on the current host and banking analysis, which we constantly monitor and react to all its fluctuations. Currency transactions are negotiated and concluded on behalf of the client. We support all currently valid currency pairs.