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We are socially responsible


The services provided by Fingrow Consulting Group place great emphasis on corporate social responsibility, or CSR. According to this concept, our strategies are built on the basis of social interests and interpersonal relations.

Corporate social responsibility attracts customers and young, talented employees. It also allows you to quickly deal with the problems encountered on the way and provides greater resistance to possible crises. All these aspects are conducive to running a sustainable, profitable, stable enterprise with a positive social image. Therefore, we make sure that cooperation with enterprises will not only increase their income. We care about raising positive associations in society - this applies to both our company and our clients' companies.

A special area of ​​interest of the Fingrow Consulting Group experts is the activation of disabled people. We believe that cooperation with people with disabilities benefits both sides. We not only hire disabled people, but also encourage our clients to do so. Giving this social group a chance, you counteract its marginalization and exclusion from the labor market.


Benefits for an entrepreneur employing people with disabilities:

  • Lowering the costs of running a business.
  • Reimbursement, among others for adapting rooms to the needs of disabled people, adapting or buying necessary equipment and software for disabled employees.
  • Co-financing for remuneration (if the employee is included in the records of the disabled persons employed by PFRON).
  • Refund of employment costs of an employee helping a disabled person.
  • Reimbursement of costs incurred for the training of a disabled employee.
  • Additional refunds, eg. due to employment as part of intervention works or public works.

A modern enterprise should be open to diversity and socially sensitive. This promotes the credibility of the company and improves its reputation.

You can read more about the restructuring of payments to PFRON HERE.