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Negotiations with offices, banks, creditors

Fingrow Consulting Group represents entrepreneurs in financial and legal-formal matters in offices, banks and other such institutions. Our experts know very well how long they take on formalities related to starting and running a business.

We are aware of how difficult it is to negotiate banking or official without proper knowledge and experience. Fingrow Consulting Group on behalf of the client will arrange all matters in the above facilities.

  • We comprehensively handle the formalities imposed on the entrepreneur.
  • We are negotiating with banks and offices.
  • We help to reach settlements with the Tax Office and the Social Insurance Institution.
  • We negotiate with the creditors of our clients.
  • We help you recover debts before the collection stage.
  • We buy receivables and receivables (private / company).

Fingrow Consulting Group helps you recover outstanding debts from insolvent customers. This protects the entrepreneur against loss of financial liquidity and secures the company's capital. Our experts also offer the purchase of receivables, which translates into improved financial liquidity of the company. Purchase of receivables will help you recover outstanding payments from debtors, and thus increase your competitiveness in the market and improve the functioning of the company.


Thanks to cooperation with us, your company will avoid having to participate in court cases and activities related to debt collection.