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Fingrow Consulting Group - a link between the disabled and employers

In order to meet entrepreneurs’ needs of seeking employees with a certified disability, we have launched a proprietary platform that functions as a virtual recruiter. The system facilitates going through the recruitment process, enables participation in training, and gives the employer an insight into the results of the work of the employed. In this way, we become a link between disabled people and entrepreneurs.


Fingrow Consulting Group actively implements the policy of professional activation of disabled people. To this end, we have launched the RECRUITMENT tab, where we publish various job offers, including remote work, which can be performed in the place of residence.

The next step in our cooperation with disabled people and entrepreneurs is to create a modern on-line system with which we recruit. This is our internal system, to which we provide access to potential candidates, people already employed and our clients. For disabled people applying for employment, the platform facilitates the submission of applications - through the system, candidates can fill out the form, enter their data in it, and attach a CV and other documents.

The platform has been adapted to the needs of disabled people, including the blind; the system works with “screen reader” programs that read screen contents to the blind. The platform makes it much easier for disabled people to apply for a job. However, during recruitment, candidates can send the required questionnaires and certificates via the system. Each employee receives from us his individual profile, where he can find all information about the task assigned, deadlines, instructions, etc.

The system is also a great facilitation for employers - the process of recruitment and employment of people with disabilities has been automated and simplified. Thanks to the platform, the employer has an up-to-date insight into the results of the work of the people employed. Within the platform, he receives a full staff file (folder containing all questionnaires, certificates, tests, etc.). The entire employment process is automated, which limits the participation of the employers' staff to the necessary minimum.

After recruiting and hiring employees, the Fingrow Consulting Group experts provide service outsourcing - we mediate in delegating tasks and support both the employee and the employer in terms of content and organization. The delegation of tasks and their settlement is also done via the platform.