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Real estate tax optimization

The issues of taxes and local fees cause huge difficulties of interpretation, and thus expose entrepreneurs to disputes with administrative or judicial authorities. Fingrow Consulting Group helps to avoid them.


Real estate tax is still an inexhaustible area for seeking savings in a company, regardless of the type of its activity. Optimization in this matter can be carried out in large production or development companies as well as smaller entities planning new investments or having different types of land or buildings.


Thanks to many years of experience and cooperation with the best professionals, Fingrow Consulting Group helps its clients to implement innovative solutions that enable optimization of property tax and obtaining the expected savings. We obtain an individual interpretation for each of our clients.


Thanks to the cooperation with our company, the entrepreneur has no problem with the incorrect classification of the object, often leading to unnecessary financial burden. We provide comprehensive legal, tax and technical analysis, as well as conducting specialized measurements of the real estate area, conducting implementation proceedings and recovering overpayment as a result of the implementation of recommended solutions.