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Private advisor

Proper capital management is the foundation of a well-functioning enterprise. But this applies not only to the business sphere. Individuals must also learn to manage private finances. Keeping the private budget in order is a challenge that every consumer faces - that is, all of us.


How to optimize income and expenses? What financial products to use? What is the guideline when choosing a bank or a loan? How to save money effectively? Answers to the above questions will be assisted by experts from Fingrow Consulting Group dealing with private financial consulting and individualized budgeting.


For entrepreneurs whose companies are at a crossroads, we offer a unique service to organize also their private budgets. We will carry out a comprehensive restructuring of finances and savings.


In terms of finances, most of us report to financial or credit advisers, without realizing that they are usually associated with specific institutions. At this moment, the so-called conflict of interest between the adviser and the client happens - the finance specialist must choose between what is best for the person he serves and what is best for him (i.e. what will ensure him the highest commission).


There are no private or public financial institutions behind the Fingrow Consulting Group experts. By reporting to us, you can be sure that we will offer you objective, impartial and completely professional financial advice in order to organize your company's or your personal budget. Let us take a look at your finances.