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Optimization of ZUS and VAT contributions

Fingrow Consulting Group effectively helps entrepreneurs find savings associated with financial settlements with the Social Insurance Institution (including accident insurance) and reduce financial burden related to VAT.


Such costs are often a huge burden for companies, and the problem applies to both small and large enterprises. Thanks to cooperation with experienced lawyers, health and safety professionals and specialists in human resources management, Fingrow Consulting Group offers comprehensive assistance in the field of optimizing ZUS and accident insurance premiums as well as VAT charges. Involvement in the implementation of the project of people with diverse competences and specializations guarantees the achievement of optimal results.


What can our clients count on? The benefits result from savings related to overpayment or reduction of social insurance premiums (including accident insurance premium) and minimization of VAT tax burden. We obtain an individual interpretation for each of our clients.


As part of the optimization project, we analyze various company documents and propose specific solutions, aimed at finding savings in paying social security contributions (including accidental contributions) or reducing tax burdens. We also offer support in the implementation of the program and comprehensive legal services.